Friday, February 25, 2011

Early Birthday Present!!

Hubby surprised me yesterday & told me to
go to B & N and
pick up
NOOK COLOR,(early b-day present)
I have been pining for since
last year!
I could hardly drive, I was So Excited!
You know when you're in a Hurry
to get somewhere & it seems
all the slow pokes & goofballs
just have to be in front of you!
Geez! Didn't they know
I had to be somewhere ASAP??
I finally made it, checked out the nook color
One more time & almost Ran to the check-out counter;)
The only bad part was...B & N is about an Hour away
from our house:(
Dang, that was the Longest trip home of my life
& then
just like My Cricut Expression...
I had to wait(once again) until Everyone else
was finished playing with my
New Toy!
I finally downloaded a few books, around Midnight..jumped in bed & started reading:)
Often times when reading/sleeping..I wake myself up by dropping
the book I'm reading on my belly..Lol
I enjoyed my new Nook & book so much...
that didn't happen last night!


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