Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pretty in Pink!

I have been Collecting Milk Glass
for over 10 years now..
I normally don't pay too much for my pieces,
Usually picking up these Pretties
at My favorite Junkin' spots, Garage sales or Estate sales.
I am Lucky to have a Mom
who also likes to frequent the same kinds of places!
She found these Shell Pink pieces
last week at an Estate sale!
I think she Really bought them with the intentions
of keeping them for herself
just like the Sweet Mom that she is..She Lovingly handed them
over & here they are!


Turtles In North Dakota

ooooh so pretty. I tried to find you some milk glass here. Not one of my favorite places had any! I wish I could raid my moms closet in Cali, hahah she has a ton!


You are Soooo Sweet to think of me & my Milk glass addiction:)

The quilting Cat Lady.

Beautiful pieces. You are so lucky to have such a generous mom.
Alda, Fl

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