Wednesday, December 1, 2010


For My Partner in the
Flirty Flurries Apron Swap!
Lately my Local JoAnn's is beginning to carry a Very Measley Holiday
fabric section.
It was the Same way during Halloween...So, I think I have Learned my lesson about Shopping there! I will either have to Plan Ahead & order Online or make the Trek to
I had a Ball making this Apron. I LOVE the "Lily" Apron style!!
I had Received a Lily apron years ago in a swap & just Love how it fits and covers.
So, since my partner would prefer a Full apron, I made her this.
It isn't a Fancy Holiday apron but it's Flirty & Fun!
Our aprons had to have a Snowflake either in the fabric itself or Adorned or Embellished in some way. I attached 6 Snowflake Buttons...2 on each strap & I scattered the other 2 buttons on the front of the apron for a Little Surprise sparkle;)
Also, in this Swap we had to choose a Holiday themed Word & for each letter in Our chosen word, We are to include a Tuck-in.
I will post another pic of the Final package before I send it:)