Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Cricut Expression...Just for ME!

Look what Fedex FINALLY brought me!
I have been waiting & waiting & waiting...

and Since I received it, I haven't been able to get near it!
My daughter & her friends have been having a ball with it & they won't even
let me Touch My new toy!!
She had her BFF spend the night & they literally spent the entire night
playing with the Cricut! I think they finally went upstairs about Midnight.
I also found the Sure Cuts A Lot
on youtube & purchased that too.
It is Amazing! You really Can do anything imaginable with that software!!
My daughter has been making pages to slip in the front sleeve of every one's notebooks
at school. She really learned this cricut thing fast...I'm gonna
need her to show me how to work it.
& I'm also gonna need a New blade soon;)



Fun! And even better that you know have an in-house specialist to help you learn to play with your new toy!

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