Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crochet Fun!

Last week here in Georgia, We were actually Snowed in for several days...
& that meant..Lots of time for Crocheting!
I made these lil Yummys(available in my etsy shop)

And I Finally finished this afghan I have been picking up & putting down
time after time;)

I also tried to teach myself to knit..
I thought Maybe I could do a
dish cloth..
I kinda got it but it Sure ain't Pretty:)



I had a hugely productive week last week finishing projects too! Even though I would have loved to have been snowed in, here in the Texas Panhandle, we aren't getting our usual snow this year. :-(

I love those strawberries! I keep wanting to make some myself, since fancy strawberries are my hubby's faves. Your afghan is so pretty!

If you'd like to see my finished projects, just jump over to my blog. I posted photos as I finished them.

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