Wednesday, December 1, 2010


For My Partner in the
Flirty Flurries Apron Swap!
Lately my Local JoAnn's is beginning to carry a Very Measley Holiday
fabric section.
It was the Same way during Halloween...So, I think I have Learned my lesson about Shopping there! I will either have to Plan Ahead & order Online or make the Trek to
I had a Ball making this Apron. I LOVE the "Lily" Apron style!!
I had Received a Lily apron years ago in a swap & just Love how it fits and covers.
So, since my partner would prefer a Full apron, I made her this.
It isn't a Fancy Holiday apron but it's Flirty & Fun!
Our aprons had to have a Snowflake either in the fabric itself or Adorned or Embellished in some way. I attached 6 Snowflake Buttons...2 on each strap & I scattered the other 2 buttons on the front of the apron for a Little Surprise sparkle;)
Also, in this Swap we had to choose a Holiday themed Word & for each letter in Our chosen word, We are to include a Tuck-in.
I will post another pic of the Final package before I send it:)


Dogmom Diva

Hi Laura, I love this apron, so fun! I'm sure your partner will love it!
We have our doxie, also a lab mix and dalmatian, so big dogs, little dog.. The weenie thinks he rules the roost over those big girls, though.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying hi! Always love new visitors!

Have a blessed week!


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