Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Basket Swap!

I joined this swap Knowing it was going to be Loads

 of FUN!

but, little did I know that My SWEET partner

was going to SPOIL me


LOADS of Easter Goodies!

Included in basket is...

Hoppity pincushion, Bunny apron, Bundle

 of Polka dot fabrics,

2 Bunny figurines, Cupcake wrappers, Jelly beans,

2 Veggie seed packets, 2 Flower seed packets,

Easter shapes pasta, Egg coloring stamp kit,

Taste of Home Cupcake recipe & idea booklet,

Purse hook, Cupcake picks

& a Darling Handmade card!!!

Here is a picture of the Darling basket she

Adorned with Lots of



Kerry is a ALWAYS

a Very Thoughtful


Just look at this Hippity Hoppity

Easter apron;)

Close up of the Bunny print fabric


I Love the beads on the ties!!

Kerry makes these Super FANTASTIC



this one will be Proudly

displayed in my New sewing room(believe;)

Thank you Kerry for a

Gorgeous, Fantastic, Darling, Amazing

Easter basket!



What a great basket! I sew love that apron and glad that you and Kerry both had fun with this swap!
Thanks so much for joining in!

Mary Lea

Looks like you got a fabulous basket too! That bunny pincushion (sp?) is just darling! And as today is Easter...Happy Easter to you!

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