Friday, September 10, 2010

Halloween Apron Swap

OK...I can't Stand it!

I just had to do it!

Host another Apron Swap, that is... this one for Halloween.

I Love Halloween, it's MY Favorite Holdiay & even though there are Lots of Halloween swaps going on & even though I am Definitely going to Join the "Flirty Apron" Halloween swap,

I just had to Host one Too:)

Click Halloween swap button on Right for more Info!



Oh phooey! I would love to join your swap, but I am new to swap bot. I've done two successful swaps with Shawnee, though. Would you consider that enough experience?


Christine Edwards

If only I could sew... ;-) Loving your Halloween blog background.

Pretty Pink Pins

I have been trying to sign up on the swap bot blog and I'm having trouble. Today is the deadline for the halloween apron .. and I'm in a panic mode!
There are two words (supposidly) that must be typed in to complete the application to join the bot. BUT .. it doesn't give you the words. It's those crazy words that are slanted .. it says to make sure you aren't a robot! Well, every time I try to complete it .. no words. I've contacted the ADMIN but no response yet. Is the swap closing today for sure? Darn my luck!

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